Erectile Dysfunction: Demystifying and Debunking An "Old Man's" Condition

Sexual problems can affect men at any age. Problems can be low sex drive, ejaculation disorders and erectile dysfunction.

There are may reasons why a man can lose his sex drive that are not related to any medical condition. Everyday things like alcohol consumption, stress, tiredness, medications and depression can lead to low libido.

Male Sexual Disfunction

Treatment for low sex drive can be surgical or nonsurgical.

Nonsurgical would include oral medications such as Viagra, Cialis in Australia and Levitra. These medications will help attain and maintain the erection. Sexual arousal is still needed to help these drugs work. There are side effects associated with these drugs so it is advised to visit with your doctor about taking this medication.

Another nonsurgical treatment would include a vacuum constriction device. This is used to create negative pressure that will draw blood to the penis and makes a way for an erection. You must place an elastic band at the base of the penis in order for this device to work. There are side effects that could happen with use of this device. Side effects include penis pain, ruptured blood vessels and ejaculatory problems.

Surgical treatments include penile vascular surgery. This is usually an option when an artery is disrupting blood flow to the penis. Certain risks are involved with this surgery so not all patients will qualify for this type of procedure.

Another surgical treatment is a prosthesis. These include mechanical, inflatable and malleable. It is advised you visit with your doctor about what type of prosthesis he would prefer. These will require replacement after 10 to 15 years. Side effects at risk include infection, leaks, pain, autoinflation and others.

Ways to help try and increase a man's libido can include lots of different activities. Watching pornographic videos, foreplay and lotions to use with his partner are some suggestions.

Stimulating certain parts of a man's body, known as his erogenous zones, include ; penis, mouth and lips, scrotum, perineum, ears, neck and nipples.

Other ways to help increase libido in men would include decrease alcohol consumption, manage anxiety and stress at work or home, get a good night's rest, exercise regularly and a healthy diet. If he is taking any other medication, he needs to visit with his doctor if that could be affecting his libido.

Meditating is also a very good stress reliever when trying to better your mental and overall health.

If he is experiencing depression, it is advised for him to seek help from a doctor or therapist.

Taking vitamins or eating certain fruits would be natural ways to also increase libido.

Focusing on foreplay is something to remember when in the bedroom. You may just not be giving yourself enough time to work up excitement and arousal.

If you are still experiencing problems with low libido, you should visit your doctor to figure out what works best for you.