Don't Let IBS Hold You Back: Find Out More about Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome three words that cause pain in Australia. Although this condition is not fatal, it is one of the most common in the country. According to the latest reports, one in five Australians experience this syndrome at least a couple of times during their lifetime.


What are the causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?


It is not clear what are the causes that generate this syndrome in people. But the external factors are the main ones indicated when looking for a cause of why a person suffers from IBS. have a detailed list of some causes:


  1. Stress: This factor is indicated as one of the main causes of irritable bowel syndrome in Australia. Anyone can suffer stress, but when very aggressive stress levels this can change many things in the human body. For example, people tend to be more tired with low energy levels. Another condition caused by stress that may be related to IBS is weight loss.

  2. Diet: Related to stress, diet is key when analyzing why a person suffers from IBS. Some people who have big changes in their lives like moving to live alone for the first time often have big changes in their diets. The lack of fiber and the consumption of processed foods of low quality are also possible causes of this condition.

  3. Meds & Sickness: The side effects of some drugs and medications include symptoms related to the irritable bowel syndrome. Some people in Australia are more sensitive to antibiotics, antidepressants and other drugs for depression or muscle aches. It has also been linked between the causes of IBS to people who at some recent time suffered from stomach infection, gastritis or those who have stomach ulcers.

What are the symptoms to know if I am suffering from IBS?


The most common symptoms are abdominal pain. But abdominal pains are not always intense, some are similar to the desire to use the bathroom and end up disappearing in a few minutes. But the most frequent and acute symptoms are diarrhea and constipation. If you suffer from diarrhea with abdominal pain constantly and it is not related to a stomach infection, chances are that you are suffering from IBS. Many symptoms of this syndrome resemble the symptoms of other stomach conditions.


What is the best treatment for irritable bowel syndrome?


Before beginning any treatment to treat IBS, it is best to visit a specialist who can help you correctly diagnose IBS so that you can move on to the next phase which is the treatment. The specialist indicated to make a complete study of your symptoms and physical examination is the gastroenterologists. In the country is the Gastroenterological Society of Australia in Melbourne, to locate a specialist in this area the telephone number is 03-9001-0279.


After passing the diagnosis, the most common treatment prescribed by most specialists is generally designed to treat abdominal pain and diarrhea. They are usually the same drugs that can be used with those same conditions not directly related to IBS. For example, for abdominal pain, specialists recommend ibuprofen.


How to avoid the irritable bowel syndrome?

The easiest way to avoid IBS is to eat as balanced a diet as possible. The diet has to be made up of fiber, fruits and a lot of liquid. Water is essential to improve the functioning of the bowel and have a routine of going to the bathroom more normal. Vegetables are the best source of fiber, but other good sources of fiber are rice, pasta, and some dairy products. Another specialist recommended to visit are nutritionists, with the help of a nutritionist the diet can improve much more than normal to avoid IBS.

White meat and fish are very good at avoiding IBS, but if you are a vegetarian you can replace meat with soy meat or legumes. Apart from food, a stress-free life can be achieved with 2 or 3 times of exercises a week.


Remember that anyone can suffer from IBS, but in Australia this condition affects people under 50. But also young people who do not take care of their diet, lifestyle and other things that can cause stomach upset due to extreme changes in their personal lives.


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